St. John the Baptist School


St. John the Baptist Catholic School perpetuates the Catholic Faith by living as Christ lives, by teaching as Christ teaches and by loving as Christ loves

Student Learning Expectations

Active Christians who…

regularly pray and actively participate in the sacraments and the liturgical celebration

reach out to others through service projects

respect life and the world in which we live

make moral choices based on Christian values

support the Mission of the Catholic Church

Life-long learners who…

value continuous learning, establish goals and achieve them

analyze information critically; think and collaborate globally

develop positive, wholesome relationships

work independently; are self-motivated and self-directed

utilize technology competently and responsibly

Effective communicators who…

articulate ideas clearly and creatively

understand the use of verbal and non-verbal communication

demonstrate proper writing and oral skills

express feelings, thoughts through the arts

listen and collaborate with others respectfully

Dynamic citizens who…

follow rules, respect the rights of others, and make meaningful contributions to the community

understand their own heritage, appreciate and respect multicultural diversity

engage in cultural, political, and social justice issues

demonstrate awareness of current events, world affairs, and their effect on life

Healthy individuals who…

practice good personal hygiene

eat a healthy, nutritious, and well balanced diet

maintain a physically active life

cope appropriately with stress and challenges

adopt a balanced and healthy lifestyle



We, the Administrators and staff of Saint John the Baptist Catholic School firmly commit to the vision and message of the Gospel values exemplified by Christ. We recognize the religious, ethnic, social and economic diversity of our youth. With the parents/guardians as the primary educators of their children, and with the untiring efforts of the staff as facilitators of learning, we strive to build an authentic faith community in the entire institution. Our concerted effort, inspired by the strong collaboration of the parents/guardians, administration, staff, parish and school board, enables us to facilitate and nurture the holistic growth of each student as we provide varied opportunities for the fullest self-realization of the individual’s highest potential.






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 SJBCS Swing Choir participated at the 2018 Annual Catholic Confernce for Educators 

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