SY 2017-2018

The operation of St. John the Baptist Catholic School is primarily tuition driven; therefore, parental commitments to their tuition and fee obligations are crucial to the school’s continued operation and vitality.  The tuition and fees for St. John the Baptist Catholic School are examined and determined annually by the school administration and the school board.  As it is the responsibility of the Principal to ensure that adequate financial resources are available for the school, tuition is determined each year based upon the funding needed to operate the school.  Affordability for families is also a significant consideration.

For this school year, tuition and fee revenues cover approximately ninety six percent of the school’s budgeted operating income.  Thus, the additional revenue needed to fund the other four percent must come through fundraising, donations, and grants.

The following policies are in effect for tuition and fees:

Tuition Payment

There are three basic payment options to make tuition payments.  All tuition payments are received and processed through FACTS, a tuition management service.  FACTS is the contracted provider St. John the Baptist Catholic School uses for administering its tuition program. All families must set up a FACTS account.  The tuition plans are as follows:

  1. Full Payment (One Payment) – The entire Tuition is paid on or before July 1, 2017.  A discount of $250.00 will be applied if this payment option is selected.  
  2. Bi-yearly Payments (Two Payments) – The first payment is due on or before July 1, 2017 and the second payment is due on or before December 1, 2017.  A discount of $125.00 will applied if this payment option is selected.  If the second payment is not received on the due date, the discount will be reapplied to the remaining balance.  The Tuition Refund Policy (TRP) will be automatically added.
  3. Monthly Payments – (11 payments) – Monthly payments are due on either the fifth or the twentieth of the month beginning in July 2017 and ending in May 2018.  The Tuition Refund Policy (TRP) will be automatically added.


Late Payments

All families are responsible for satisfying their tuition obligation to St. John the Baptist Catholic School on a timely basis.  All payments are due on the date as indicated on the FACTS enrollment form.  If payments are not received by the date due, a late fee of $30.00 will be assessed by FACTS.

It is the family’s responsibility to notify the principal if special circumstances arise thus making it difficult to meet tuition and fee obligations.  Special arrangements and/or adjustments to the family’s original payment agreement may sometimes be required.  Alternative financial arrangements must be made in writing by the family and agreed to by Administration prior to implementation.

Tuition Delinquency

Unless prior arrangements are made with the principal, the following consequences will be imposed should your tuition account with St. John the Baptist Catholic School become one month or more in arrears:


  • Student report card will be held in the office.


If accounts are 60 days or greater in arrears, the following actions will be taken:

  • Student will be removed or restricted from all extracurricular activities such as class trips, sports or club activities.
  • School attendance will be interrupted whereby parents/guardians will be required to keep their child(ren) at home until all financial obligations are paid-in-full and tuition and any other financial obligations (fees, athletic fees, fundraising obligations and/or equipment) are made current.  If financial obligations cannot be fulfilled, the child(ren) will be disenrolled.


Should a family wish to transfer their child to another school due to financial delinquencies, no official school records will be released until all outstanding financial obligations are satisfied.  Furthermore, all textbooks, sports fees or uniforms, and any other items belonging to the school must be returned to the school before records will be released.

Should tuition be delinquent after March 15, 2018, regardless if special arrangements had been made, all of the consequences listed above will be imposed.


Eighth Grade Delinquent Tuition and Fees

Eighth grade students with tuition or fees delinquent after May 1, 2018 (dependant on agreed tuition contract payment option) will be denied participation in all eighth grade graduation activities and ceremonies.   

Registration Fee

Both new and returning students will be required to pay a non-refundable registration fee of $300.00/per student due on or before February 28, 2017.  There is a 50% discount for any child after the first child.


Returning students must complete and return the registration form to the school office along with the registration fee to reserve your child’s spot for the following year.  If the school does not have the registration form and the fee, the student is not considered enrolled for the following year.  Parents, guardians or persons responsible for the payment of tuition are required to sign the form.  


Late registration will be assessed a fee of $50.00 per student for families registering after the designated deadline.

Registering After Registration Dates

Families registering between July 31, 2017 and August 11, 2017 are subject to full-year tuition rates.  Those who register after August 29, 2017 shall have tuition prorated over the number of school days they will be attending according to a formula established by the Administration.  The non-refundable registration fee of $300/per student will also be charged.  Current families registering after registration dates will be charged the non-refundable registration fee of $300/per student plus the late registration assessed fee of $50.00/per student.  There is a 50% discount for any child after the first child.

Refund Policy

For students who withdraw from St. John the Baptist Catholic School, tuition refunds will be issued on a monthly basis. If a student withdraws prior to the first day of school, the entire tuition amount paid will be refunded.  Tuition is required for any month in which a student is in attendance regardless of the number of days.  Refunds will be issued only for those months there was no attendance providing an official request for transfer or withdrawal has been received.


Tuition Assistance

St. John the Baptist Catholic School has a limited amount of funding to offer financial aid to qualified students whose families demonstrate financial need.  A student/family must be in good academic and disciplinary standing to be considered for assistance.  Note: A completed application does not automatically qualify a family for financial aid nor does it guarantee an award will be given.

For the 2017-2018 school year, interested new and existing families are to complete the on-line FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment to be considered for financial assistance should any funds be available.  Applications are available at  


The Augustine Foundation applications for the Augustine Scholarship are available in the Spring of 2017.  All students in grades K-8 who will attend St. John the Baptist Catholic School are eligible.  Students must be officially enrolled at St. John the Baptist Catholic School should a scholarship be awarded.  One application per family.  An application fee will be assessed.  Scholarship is based on financial need.  Applications are available at


Applications for the St. John the Baptist Catholic School scholarship are being accepted between March 1, 2017 - May 15, 2017.  Please note that only registered students will be considered for financial aid.  There is a $30.00 application fee payable to FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment.  Copies of needed paperwork will need to be sent to FACTS to complete the application process.


The Pauahi Keiki Scholars (PKS) Preschool Scholarship Program is available for students 3 years and older.  St. John the Baptist Catholic School Preschool is an eligible Non-Kamehameha Schools preschool.  Applications are available the November of the previous school year.


Preschool Open Doors  (POD) program provides monthly preschool tuition subsidies to qualified families.  St. John the Baptist Catholic School is an eligible DHS-licensed preschool.  Applications must be received at the Oahu office by March 31, 2017.   Download an application at


The Kipona Scholarship Program is available for new and returning students entering Grades K, 4, and &7.  St. John the Baptist Catholic School is an eligible Non-Kamehameha Schools private school.  Applications are available the November of the previous school year.

After a review and evaluation of all applicants is completed, a report will be generated indicating eligibility and allocation award amounts, if any funds are available.  If a family is to receive financial assistance, they will be notified by the school as to the terms.  If a family agrees to

accept financial aid, they will be required to perform service hours based upon an algorithm determined by the principal and the business office.

Note that students/families accounts with past due financial obligations from previous school years will not be considered for financial aid should any funds exist, until their account is made current.  In addition, if a financial assistance award has been granted to a family, that award may be revoked or will otherwise not be awarded should any tuition and/or fees become past due.

At times financial aid is awarded to families based upon need and available funds.  All information is strictly confidential and must be treated as such.  


Carry Over Tuition

Carrying over a tuition balance is not preferred and highly discouraged.  If there is balance of tuition from the previous school year, the balance(s) must be paid in full by August 1, 2017, before a student is allowed to enroll in the 2017-2018 school year.  No personal checks will be accepted.  Any unpaid tuition amounts will be sent to our collections agency.


I/We have read this agreement and clearly acknowledge St. John the Baptist Catholic School’s Tuition and Fee Policy and are in agreement with all terms outlined in this agreement.

Agreement Confirmed:

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