After School Care

St. John the Baptist Catholic School After School Tutoring (AST)

Grades K-8th
Daily Activity Schedule

 3:00-3:15        AST sign-in
3:15-3:45        Snack (snack to be brought in from home)
3:45-4:00        Clean-up and Restroom break
4:00-5:00        Homework/Indoor Time

                        *When homework is completed, students may do the following:

  • Study quietly individually or with a partner
  • Manipulative play
  • Read a book
  • Draw and/or journal
  • Color books
  • School projects

**No running, climbing of furniture, horseplay, hiding/studying  beneath furniture while in the library

5:00                 Clean up Library and proceed to the courtyard with belongings
5:10-5:30        Outdoor play (coordinated by AST coordinator)

  • Sports
  • Relays
  • Organized games
  • Free play

*Outdoor play is contingent upon the weather.  

**Students are to stay in-bounds as designated by AST coordinator

***Be aware of cars that drive into the parking area

5:30                 Pick-up

*Parents will be assessed an additional $ 5.00 late pick-up fee for every 15 minutes after designated pick up time.

St. John the Baptist Catholic School After School Tutoring Program

Aloha and Welcome to St. John the Baptist’s After School Tutoring Program (AST)!  AST is a convenient service for families whose student requires structured supervision in a safe and caring environment from the afterschool hours of 2:50pm (school dismissal) to 5:30pm (AST pick up).  


Parents/Guardians are asked to complete the following:

  • AST Emergency and Contact Form
  • Child Pick-up Authorization Form

Hours and Days of Operation

AST will be provided on regular school days beginning after school and ending at 5:30pm.  AST is not open on days that school is not in session.  AST is available on the half days of the first and third Wednesdays of the month.  AST is not available the half day before the Thanksgiving break and the half day before Easter break.


Parents/Guardians are responsible for providing appropriate snacks for their children.  There is no refrigeration available to hold snacks.  For the safety of all students, snacks are not to be shared.

Program Fees

The cost of AST is the following:

  • $ 150.00/full month
  • $     10.00/day - drop in fee
  • $   15.00/day - drop in fee on first and third Wednesday of the month

Parents/guardians will be assessed a $ 5.00 late pick-up fee for every 15 minutes after 5:30pm (designated pick-up time)

Pick-up Procedures

Students will be picked up only by the parent/guardian or authorized adults listed on the authorized forms.  Please submit a request a day in advance if there is any changes to the pick-up arrangement.  All adults authorized to pick up the student must present a valid ID - including parents.  Only adults age 18 years and older are authorized to pick up the student.  No exceptions.  For the safety of the student, parents are to adhere to this rule.


For accurate safety records, parents/guardians and authorized adults must sign out the student on the sign-out sheet noting time of departure.  


Parent/guardians must notify the office if their student will be absent from the AST program.  

Emergency Care/First Aid

The AST Coordinator is trained and certified in first aid.  AST will follow emergency plans as stated in the student/parent handbook and SJBCS crisis management plan.

Emergency Procedures for Closing the AST Program

AST will follow the procedures dictated by the school and noted in the student and parent handbook for events that require the program to close.  If the school was closed earlier, the AST program will be closed also.  Evacuation procedures will be the same as listed in SJBCS’s crisis management procedures.

Termination from Program

Students may be terminated from the AST program if disruptive student behavior arises and cannot be resolved after dialogue between the AST coordinator and parents and Principal.  AST program will take measures to protect the students enrolled in the AST program.

Non-payment of AST program fees will be cause for termination of the student from the program.

Schedule of Events

Click here to download and print the form.