School Wide Learning Expectations

St John the Baptist School-Wide Learning Expectations:



Active Christians who…

  • regularly participate in prayer, the sacraments, and other liturgical celebrations
  • reach out to others through service projects
  • respect life and the world in which we live
  • make oral choices based on Christian values
  • support the mission of the Catholic Church

Life-long learners who…

  • value continuous learning, establish goals and achieve them
  • analyze information critically; think and collaborate globally
  • develop positive, wholesome relationships
  • work independently; are self-motivated and self-directed
  • utilize technology competently and responsibly

Effective communicators who…

  • articulate ideas clearly and creatively
  • understand the use of verbal and non-verbal communication
  • demonstrate proper writing and oral skills
  • express feelings, thoughts through the arts
  • listen and collaborate with others respectfully

Dynamic citizens who…

  • follow rules, respect the rights of others, and make meaningful contributions to the community
  • understand their own heritage, appreciate and respect multicultural diversity
  • engage in cultural, political, and social justice issues
  • demonstrate awareness of current events, world affairs, and their effect on life

Healthy individuals who…

  • practice good personal hygiene
  • eat a healthy, nutritious, and well balanced diet
  • maintain a physically active life
  • cope appropriately with stress and challenges
  • adopt a balanced and healthy lifestyle